Weekend Getaway: Viva La Mexico!

What better way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo weekend than in the Country it’s known for?! So we thought. Unfortunately they do not celebrate this American Holiday so my friend and I brought the celebration with us! That’s right……We celebrated in Mexico and WOW was it amazing and beautiful. I always hear about everyone going to Cancun and I’ve seen amazing pictures but I wanted something a little different. So, I called up one of my linesisters and we were on our way to Tulum, Mexico.

I’m going to let the pictures speak for this post but a little back story. I did a little research on my way there due to Tulum being about an hour away taking the cheapest route which was the ADO bus. The total cost in pesos for 2 one way was about 483 pesos. About 12 dollars each. I would recommend the super shuttle for $30. (It’s faster).

We stayed at an all inclusive resort that was absolutely stunning. I would definitely recommend staying there and I would stay there again. El Dorado seaside Resorts by Karismo. They had a ton of amenities and their food was amazing! The views were amazing as well!

We had a full list of things for our short time there and made sure to do all of them!

first stop: Tulum Mayan ruins

second stop: Cenotes Casa Tortuga Tulum

of course we had to end with a Photoshoot..

But the most rewarding part was the Massages on the beach! 🤗

Overall, this was by far one of my top 5 places to visit again!

Live. Love. Travel


New Journey: Traveling Towards my Passion! 

A year ago I would have never thought I would be where I am today. Starting this travel journey has been absolutely amazing! I have dreamed of traveling to different countries all my life and now that I have gotten the opportunity and have checked off some amazing places off my bucket list, I am overjoyed with happiness. But now I ask myself, What am I doing outside of traveling and posting on social media? Since traveling has been a childhood goal, do I let the rest of my childhood goals fall to the waist side because I completed one? 


Yes it’s awesome to have been on this travel journey but there’s so much more that I want to accomplish. It’s great to have been able to go to a new country every month but I also want to further my education. The time has come to where I have to choose. I have to make the decision to pause one to do the other which is why I paused traveling the WORLD and now traveling towards my PASSION. With my backpack full of books on my shoulder and this year long path ahead, I will be more focused on getting A’s on my tests than stamps In my passport. I will be more focused on standing in line for new books than standing in line for security. 

I am beyond thrilled to have had the opportunity to travel but for me, I have to get back focused to the task at hand and that’s pursuing this higher level education! Eventually I’ll be able to get my passport back out and see the world and hope you’ll join me! 

No worries, I will still be updating on my AMAZING vacation this summer! 🙂 

Stay tuned and wish me luck! 😘😘

Sights to see in Singapore on a short timeline! 

Now that I’m finally getting back into work/ school mode, I’m able to stop being lazy and write out my birthday trip and the many sights to see. The first place that I went on my birthday journey was Singapore. Honestly, Singapore was NEVER on my list..like NEVER. I mean I really never looked into it until I started seeing all of these amazing pictures when I was doing my research. I was able to stay here for 4 days and although I don’t recommend staying that long, If you ever get a chance to go, definitely check out some of these places. 

Hostel: The Little Red Dot

I must say, the Hostel was really nice and the staff was absolutely phenomenal. I wasn’t a huge fan of staying in a hostel but I said I would give it another shot. I met some amazing people there. 


there were Soo many beautiful buildings that I just fell in love with! I was able to walk to every one of them with a little walk from the metro station. 


$$$ pretty expensive but recommend eating at either their happy hour spots or find a local Market by your hotel. 


Super Nice and friendly. (Although I was photo bombed) 😂😂

Check out the Famous Infinity pool, the man made beaches, botanical gardens, and the Singapore flyer! 

I promise you will love it! I did! 🙂 

Goodbye relationship goals and hello travel goals! 

Sitting on the beach people watching and my first thoughts were, “I wish I had a boyfriend sitting next to me right now”, “this would be the perfect night for a proposal.” And then my second thought hit me. “Why do you wish that? Because you see couples walking around, you’re on social media seeing engagements, or because you really just want the company around?” Either way it goes, my first thought wasn’t I wish I had someone that actually loves or cares about me. All I thought was where is my “man” when I’m having these romantic date nights alone. You can try to argue the point of if he is my man than of course he loves me or cares about me. BUT ladies let’s be real. Alllll us single ladies know……….that is not the case! 

How is it that us women go from loving ourselves and telling each other to wait for our Mr. Right one day but when we feel like we’re ready or feeling alone we wish we had a man or wish he can pop up for these awesome moments we’re having solo. Why can’t we just enjoy the moment for what it is worth without the extra person? After putting my thoughts to the side and realizing that I don’t wish I had a man to enjoy these memories with me, I started enjoying the moment and realizing that I’m okay right here living in the realization  that I am single. Heck I’m more than okay, I’m blessed to be sitting on an island watching the waves and drinking a beer with no one to please. 

To my single ladies and to myself, let’s learn to enjoy the moments of our solo date nights and stop wishing we had someone to enjoy it with us. The more we force this “perfect” boyfriend to fit our “perfect” picture the smaller our frame gets. We’re not looking for a 3×5 on a shelf, we’re looking for a mural painted on our master bedroom wall. Our Mr. Right will come with time and when he does we will know! 

So with that being said, get off that social media outlet where your “relationship goals” couples are, cherish the goals you set for yourself, cherish your time, and cherish the opportunities of being alone! Being single is a temporary fix for you to enjoy your own company and to prepare for your future husband. Let’s stop trying to do the work God already has planned out for us! 

Love you all! 😘

Live. laugh. love. ❤

5 Facts on Why You Should Travel Solo at Least Once A Month 

QUEENS AND KINGS, you ever feel like the world has just grabbed you and now you can’t even think for yourself because everything is happening so fast? Work has gotten busy, your relationships has required more time, you now have children and you no longer have time to do the things you use to do. I completely get it! But one thing you HAVE to remember is you MUST take time for yourself to regroup and get your thoughts together. No traveling does not mean you have to travel around the world, it’s simply getting into your car and traveling somewhere near or far SOLO. Here are 5 Facts on why you should travel solo at least once a month!


Even if it’s just going to a museum, a coffee shop, or even a park! Whether it’s a book, a knitting project, or even thinking about your goals, taking the time to focus on the things you enjoy and yourself is a must to a happy life! Everyone knows once you lose focus on one thing, if you don’t come back to it you will forget it! Taking your monthly solo trip will prevent you from losing focus on your plans.


Ever go somewhere with friends and you say an idea but the group doesn’t want to do that or they complain if they have to? Why put yourself through that when you can go somewhere and enjoy it ON YOUR OWN! For example, if you’re into Zumba and wanted to go to a class, you ask your friends and they say no, half of you will not even go. But what if you decided to just get up and go on your own? I bet you would enjoy it and appreciate the fact that you did what you wanted to do without anyone complaining! Be independent, see the world, and stop letting others hold you back!


Listen, trips don’t have to be to a different country or a different state, travel to your local spa, movie theatre, nail shop, or better yet to your local winery! Heck take a day trip to the beach or if your winding down is dancing all night long in a club then by all means turrrnnuuppppppp! Whatever may be your way of relaxing, do it without anyone telling you it’s time to go home or they’re ready to go home, or better yet, not having any restrictions at all.


People, we simply CANNOT please everyone and that’s okay! Yes we try over and over and over again but somehow we always tend to slip up. Taking a solo trip is your time to not care about slipping up, not caring about anyone’s issues or being that friend counselor, not caring about what is going on in everyone’s life and comparing yours to theirs, and not having to pretend that your life is perfect. This is about you appreciating YOU! Turn your phone off, grab that journal and simply focus on yourself!

Most of all,

Sometimes we just need a break from life to appreciate ourselves and how far we’ve come! Ladies and Gentlemen, we are blessed to be here so why not take time to appreciate that? Don’t let life break you down when self love will build you up! This trip is more than just going out and spending money, it’s about regaining your focus, setting your goals, and bringing new ideas to your life! It’s so easy to get in a repetition in life when you see the same things and people every day. This trip will give you the chance to think of new ideas, new beginnings, and a new view on life! Of course it will come with time but what better way to sell to your spouse or yourself that every month you need time to become a better you? 😜😉

Please share any solo travel dates you have accomplished thus far below.Hope you enjoy.
Live. Laugh. Love.