Solo Honeymoon in the Maldives! 

So I had finally arrived in the Maldives and I had  left one humid place to the next. I arrived later at night so it was pretty dark out but it was humid never the less. I waited about 45 minutes for the speedboat to come and we were literally on water to head to the hotel for a good hour. My recommendation would be if you have motion sickness, you should probably go for the seaplane. It’s a bit on the pricey side but it would probably be worth it.  I got splashed once or twice but considering the fact I love water I was totally okay. I stayed in an All- Inclusive Resort that I would recommend to ANY and EVERYONE! 


To sum it all up, The Maldives is nothing short of AMAZING. It was the most at peace place that I have ever been in my life. The atmosphere and vibes from everyone was soo relaxing. (Considering everyone was with their significant other) I was LITERALLY the only solo person there, but the views were something you see on tv. The breeze, music, food, people, everything  had been a dream come true! I’ve never seen water so blue in my life! ❤️ the reflections that I was able to ponder upon being in such a perfect setting encouraged me get so in tune with my thoughts FINALLY! The staff I guess thought it was a great joke to prepare my room for a honeymoon but I can adapt to any situation! 🤗🤗🤗 Here are a few pics of my trip to the Maldives! 

Hope you enjoyed the Views like I did! Pictures doesn’t  even give it justice you just have to see it for yourself! 😘😘 

Live. Laugh. Love 

New Journey: Traveling Towards my Passion! 

A year ago I would have never thought I would be where I am today. Starting this travel journey has been absolutely amazing! I have dreamed of traveling to different countries all my life and now that I have gotten the opportunity and have checked off some amazing places off my bucket list, I am overjoyed with happiness. But now I ask myself, What am I doing outside of traveling and posting on social media? Since traveling has been a childhood goal, do I let the rest of my childhood goals fall to the waist side because I completed one? 


Yes it’s awesome to have been on this travel journey but there’s so much more that I want to accomplish. It’s great to have been able to go to a new country every month but I also want to further my education. The time has come to where I have to choose. I have to make the decision to pause one to do the other which is why I paused traveling the WORLD and now traveling towards my PASSION. With my backpack full of books on my shoulder and this year long path ahead, I will be more focused on getting A’s on my tests than stamps In my passport. I will be more focused on standing in line for new books than standing in line for security. 

I am beyond thrilled to have had the opportunity to travel but for me, I have to get back focused to the task at hand and that’s pursuing this higher level education! Eventually I’ll be able to get my passport back out and see the world and hope you’ll join me! 

No worries, I will still be updating on my AMAZING vacation this summer! 🙂 

Stay tuned and wish me luck! 😘😘

Sights to see in Singapore on a short timeline! 

Now that I’m finally getting back into work/ school mode, I’m able to stop being lazy and write out my birthday trip and the many sights to see. The first place that I went on my birthday journey was Singapore. Honestly, Singapore was NEVER on my NEVER. I mean I really never looked into it until I started seeing all of these amazing pictures when I was doing my research. I was able to stay here for 4 days and although I don’t recommend staying that long, If you ever get a chance to go, definitely check out some of these places. 

Hostel: The Little Red Dot

I must say, the Hostel was really nice and the staff was absolutely phenomenal. I wasn’t a huge fan of staying in a hostel but I said I would give it another shot. I met some amazing people there. 


there were Soo many beautiful buildings that I just fell in love with! I was able to walk to every one of them with a little walk from the metro station. 


$$$ pretty expensive but recommend eating at either their happy hour spots or find a local Market by your hotel. 


Super Nice and friendly. (Although I was photo bombed) 😂😂

Check out the Famous Infinity pool, the man made beaches, botanical gardens, and the Singapore flyer! 

I promise you will love it! I did! 🙂 

LAyover in LA: Flight Mishap that became a part of the Adventure! 

Sooooo I finally got back from my suppose to be “5 countries in 20 days” for my birthday celebration and boyyy did it start off a little rough. I was sooo ready to cancel the whole trip after issue after issue. It was becoming sooo stressful. So it all started when I was headed to Vietnam, now I didn’t want to go to begin with but I gave in and said why not 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️. Well my passport happened to fall in water and after I waited in an hour line, spent the funds for the visa, I got denied for the Flight!!!!

So what do I do? I immediately book a flight to my state of birth which is California because I knew I needed my birth certificate. (WRONGGGG) they didn’t even look at it. Anyways, I’m on this flight 2 hours in and all of a sudden the pilot comes on the intercom and announces he’s having flight difficulties and we need to turn back around. 😐😐😐 at this point I’m ready to cancel the whole trip. Like I’m over it. 

Luckily, we had a Layover in Tokyo and that is my FAVORITE place to go out so I went to my favorite club vision and stayed their all night! 

Moving on, I finally made it to LAX and at this point I’m tired, frustrated, and ready to just go to my final destination. I happened to stay with a friend and everything started to change for the better. The vibes, positivity flowing in the air, and  the food was even great! 

Los Angeles treated me so well:

 From the Rosenthal Wine tasting on the beach, 

To the Waterfalls and hiking, 

To seeing my line sister and a Great friend to snap pics at the Hollywood Sign…

Beach Babe’ing it….

From the Good vibe Gods at the meditation Lake 

With all of the mishaps, I had the best time in California AND got a new passport and I owe it to all my friends who told me to keep pushing while I was soo ready to give up! Instead of heading to Vietnam, I got another adventure with some pretty AMAZING people. ❤️ journey Blogs coming soon! 

Let Me Be Great Without All the Hate! 

Why is it that people do not like to see you happy? Better question is, why is it that it’s usually the people that are closest to you that always have something to say? My mom use to say, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all. The crazy thing is they are also the main ones asking you what is going on in your life. To those of you who are that negative friend, is it because your life is unhappy? Jealousy? Because we are finding peace where we are in life and you can’t accept your unhappiness? Whatever the case may be, STOP ruining our happiness with your negativity. To us passionate ones trying to find joy, STOP letting them ruin who we are trying to become! Do not let their negativity influence your attitude to become negative as well. Simply continue to strive for better by not letting those negative Nancys and nates phase us. 

It’s a little hard to just cut off those so called “close friends” of ours because they have a bad attitude. To me, the easiest solution is simply don’t! Just stop letting their bad vibes phase you and if it comes to a point where it’s getting worse, stop telling them things. Eventually life will work itself out and realize that you are on a different path and 1 of 2 things will happen: 

1: They will slowly start distancing themselves because your positive vibes are too much and they believe your life is better. 


2: They will realize that your happiness is to see them happy as well and they will get on board to happyland. 

If they happen to do the first one, guess what? THAT IS TOTALLY FINE! Alleviates you having to do the hard work of cutting ties and life will go on. People come and go all the time. 

Don’t dim your light  because you see your light shining brighter than others and you want to fit in. 

Continue to press forward and hopefully they will see your light shining from afar and will follow. Life and people are often difficult and mean. Don’t let neither one get the best of you! Some of you are probably thinking that this is easier said than done and trust me I completely understand! But I also know that people can influence in a negative way and we don’t even realize we’re being influenced until we are back into that black hole. We have worked so hard to get to where we are that we WILL NOT go back. All of those tears, the time, and more tears that it took to even understand why the tears were even falling. Being completely vulnerable with ourselves to open up and look inside what we have been locking away for years! 

Don’t fall into the trap!

 LOVE yourself,

 STAY positive, 

and DON’T let the negativity of others dim your light! 

Keep Shining! 🙂 


30 before 30 Bucketlist! 

30 by 30!!! Yup! I am going to give it a go. When I moved to South Korea in 2016, it was the BEST decision that I have ever made by far! I instantly fell in love with the culture, the food, activities, and just the people. Not to mention the convenience of traveling to different locations. I mean I have had a blast with traveling. I initially joined the military to travel and so the fact that I was able to hop on a 16 hour plane ride and live in a foreign country for a year for work has been AMAZING!

By my 26th birthday, I will have traveled to 11 countries in just ONE YEAR! I mean with a full time job, not traveling for more than 5 days in one location, and utilizing my resources, I must say that’s one hell of a year! Sooo, with that being said I will update this periodically when I get to a new country or able to add a new country to my list!


Places I have been or have booked: 

1. Daegu, Seoul, Jeju, South Korea

2. Bangkok, Phuket, Thailand

3. Boracay, Cebu, Philippines

4. Hong Kong, China

5. Tokyo, Japan

6. Waikiki, Hawaii

7. Singapore, Singapore

8. Sidney, Melbourne, Australia

9. Bali, Indonesia

10. Male, Maldives

11. London, England, U.K.

12. Paris, Nice,  France 

Places I want to go:

13. Bahamas 

14. Dominican Republic

15. Santorini, Greece

16. Mexico

17. Germany

18. Iceland

19. Africa

20. Cuba

21. Jamaica

22. Vietnam

Wherever the world takes me:









If you have any countries that are a MUST VISIT, definitely comment below and I will add to my list!

Favorite hairstyles: My Travel Go-To’s for Natural Hair! 

Every time I get ready to take a new trip the first thing that comes to my mind is what am I going to do with my hair now?! 😩 I mean I always struggle to find something that I will like and I hate repeating the same hairstyles. Not to mention that I HATE doing my hair when I’m traveling anyways. I definitely look for Hairstyles that will last the entire trip so I can spend more time doing something else! I am a naturally curly-haired girl so some styles I definitely have to be careful with but here are my travel go-to’s!

NOTE: I travel with a satin pillowcase due to me HATING to wrap my hair at night!


img_4738 1. Protective style: Braids 

So this is usually my go to because I love just being on the go. I hate getting up even 20 minutes early to do my hair. So lately I have been getting braids and keeping them in for a week or two!

Disadvantage: I hate sitting for hours. I have not perfected a way for my scalp to stop itching. I mean whether if it’s with my hair or synthetic, I get soo irritated with scratching.

IMG_10802. Wild and Free

Now I Love wearing my hair out. But usually when I travel going natural I have to bring products with me to make my hair stay tamed. If I don’t bring at least some type of curling gel, or spritz, I will literally look like Mufasa. However I love when my hair can be free because when I have my good days, they are good!

Disadvantage: I have to wet my hair everyday and bring some type of hair gel with me. When it’s hot it sticks to me and my mood sloooooowly starts changing! 😩

img_03643. Double trouble: twists, braids, buns 

This has by far been my easiest and my  favorite hairstyle. I simply braid my hair, bun my hair, or twist my hair into two sides and leave them out or pin them up with bobby pins and keep it moving.

Disadvantage: when I wear my hair like this for to long, that part in the middle of my hair starts to not want to go away.

img_5381 4. Straight hair! 

Now this is only on occasion, in fall or spring months, and when I’m going to a location where I am trying to be cute. 🙋🏽💁🏽. I love my hair straight but of course every night I have to wrap it and that’s one thing I HATEEE doing is wrapping my hair. But it looks amazing when it is straight! I don’t have to touch it, don’t bring any supplies, just literally brush my hair out and keep it moving.

Disadvantage: stay away from anything that looks like water or my hair will frizz, don’t sweat or my hair will frizz, and wrap my hair EVERY NIGHT in addition to the satin pillow or it’s done!

img_26505. wigs! 

Not going to lie, I love a good short bob. I have always wanted to cut my hair but everyone always tells me don’t do it. So I bought a wig and I rock it every chance I get. Now since my hair is pretty long is does take WAYYY longer to make the bob look natural and to adjust it just right. But when it’s done boy does it look good!

Disadvantage: trying to get all this hair into a cap is beyond exhausting. Takes a lot of time to make it look natural.

Hope these tips help just in case you are lazy like me when it comes to doing your hair during your travels! 😊