Iceland: Our Blue Lagoon Experience

Bucket list item: ✔️

My fiancé and I had planned a trip to Iceland for the longest time. It’s been on my bucket list ever since I heard about the blue lagoon and when we saw the opportunity to go, we took it. Well, we knew that the blue lagoon was a hot commodity, what we didn’t know is that you MUST book tickets a week in advance or you could end up like me.

I went on the site and their were absolutely no tickets available. So what do I do, I stay up refreshing the page all night until something comes up. Well………..SOMETHING CAME UP! I refreshed at 0400 in the morning and their were 2 tickets available for the 2000 time slot. I immediately booked them and hoped for the best.

After that, I started doing some research and that’s when I saw a blog that mentioned you should have at least a 2 hour time block but a maximum of 4 hours. I cringed. I purchased ours for 2000 and it closed at 2200. I was so scared that we wouldn’t get the full benefit and experience of being there but to our surprise, we got more than what we wanted.

We arrived to the blue lagoon around 1940 and they happened to let us go in before our time which was definitely a plus. No hassle getting in, changing clothes, and getting into the water. You will get a wristband that will literally give you access to EVERYTHING!

The initial view of the lagoon was BEAUTIFUL! The water was actually blue and although their were many people in it, it is so big that we had plenty of space to fully enjoy all of the amenities. We purchased the comfort ticket which in reality that’s really the only one you need. We didn’t even need a robe because we stayed in the lagoon the entire time and we didn’t need slippers for that same reason.

The drinks were great, we were able to try on the masks, and we walked around the whole lagoon viewing the waterfall and heading into the oh so very hot sauna.

It did rain but it wasn’t bad at all. Honestly the weather was on and off but you didn’t even notice it with taking in the blue lagoon.

Overall we had a great experience and definitely feel like it’s something we could experience again!


Favorite hairstyles: My Travel Go-To’s for Natural Hair! 

Every time I get ready to take a new trip the first thing that comes to my mind is what am I going to do with my hair now?! 😩 I mean I always struggle to find something that I will like and I hate repeating the same hairstyles. Not to mention that I HATE doing my hair when I’m traveling anyways. I definitely look for Hairstyles that will last the entire trip so I can spend more time doing something else! I am a naturally curly-haired girl so some styles I definitely have to be careful with but here are my travel go-to’s!

NOTE: I travel with a satin pillowcase due to me HATING to wrap my hair at night!


img_4738 1. Protective style: Braids 

So this is usually my go to because I love just being on the go. I hate getting up even 20 minutes early to do my hair. So lately I have been getting braids and keeping them in for a week or two!

Disadvantage: I hate sitting for hours. I have not perfected a way for my scalp to stop itching. I mean whether if it’s with my hair or synthetic, I get soo irritated with scratching.

IMG_10802. Wild and Free

Now I Love wearing my hair out. But usually when I travel going natural I have to bring products with me to make my hair stay tamed. If I don’t bring at least some type of curling gel, or spritz, I will literally look like Mufasa. However I love when my hair can be free because when I have my good days, they are good!

Disadvantage: I have to wet my hair everyday and bring some type of hair gel with me. When it’s hot it sticks to me and my mood sloooooowly starts changing! 😩

img_03643. Double trouble: twists, braids, buns 

This has by far been my easiest and my  favorite hairstyle. I simply braid my hair, bun my hair, or twist my hair into two sides and leave them out or pin them up with bobby pins and keep it moving.

Disadvantage: when I wear my hair like this for to long, that part in the middle of my hair starts to not want to go away.

img_5381 4. Straight hair! 

Now this is only on occasion, in fall or spring months, and when I’m going to a location where I am trying to be cute. 🙋🏽💁🏽. I love my hair straight but of course every night I have to wrap it and that’s one thing I HATEEE doing is wrapping my hair. But it looks amazing when it is straight! I don’t have to touch it, don’t bring any supplies, just literally brush my hair out and keep it moving.

Disadvantage: stay away from anything that looks like water or my hair will frizz, don’t sweat or my hair will frizz, and wrap my hair EVERY NIGHT in addition to the satin pillow or it’s done!

img_26505. wigs! 

Not going to lie, I love a good short bob. I have always wanted to cut my hair but everyone always tells me don’t do it. So I bought a wig and I rock it every chance I get. Now since my hair is pretty long is does take WAYYY longer to make the bob look natural and to adjust it just right. But when it’s done boy does it look good!

Disadvantage: trying to get all this hair into a cap is beyond exhausting. Takes a lot of time to make it look natural.

Hope these tips help just in case you are lazy like me when it comes to doing your hair during your travels! 😊

How I booked my 20 day Solo trip for my Big 26th! 


—-Tips on how to book flights for cheap!—-

I just booked 6 countries all less than 1500 dollars! YESSSSSSS I said it right! It takes a lot of work and time but it’s manageable. I’m not going to lie, I literally HATEEEE flying to any place where the location is already expensive to just tour. Plus, I hate buying plane tickets at a super high rate and the currency is super low. I literally feel like I’m still wasting money with buying the ticket! Traveling is literally so much work if you’re trying to travel on a budget but sooo worth it once you have it down! Here is my list on how to book cheap tickets. 

1. Find the locations you want to go to. Seriously, type in your location and see what countries are close to you! Be open because it might be a country not on your list but the location might be a dream come true!! 

2. Get a map and see what countries are closest to each other that you want to visit. Even if you have to book somewhere not on your list, see what’s a location close by you can fly to for cheap! 

3. Get to making your lists! I literally made my list over 20 times to make sure I have the cheapest deals. PLAN, PLAN, PLAN!! Take some time and really go over the shortest distances, the modes of transportation, (my favorite: Rome2rio)  and if the country requires a visa. 

4. Look up flights and price check! I used 3 sites to help with price checking and each time there was a price better than before! Make sure you really do some research to find the best deal! (SEE BELOW) 

5. Bookit! Once you are set on your list, Book those flights and be ready to enjoy your travel! It’ll be even better since you saved soo much money! 





Australia 314


Singapore 212


Maldives 106


Bali 200


London 300 


D.C. 300 

TOTAL: Approx. $1500 

*not including flight insurance. 
Book your flights and let me know if any of these sites were helpful for you! HAPPY TRAVELING! ❤️

My top 5 Pizza Places in Daegu

If you are like me, no matter where you go in the world you always try to find that special dish that hits the core of your soul everytime you take a bite out of it! For me that special dish is PIZZA! Below are my top 5 places that I believe make the BEST pizza in Daegu. 

#1 Etohs Pizza-Mezzeroni (pepperoni) pizza 

Review: Downtown (foreigner spot) New Jersey owner who makes Jersey pizza. Popular foreigner spot. Have a lot of craft beer on Tap. Pepperoni’s cooked under the cheese which makes it delicious! Best American Pizza in Daegu! 

Location: 12-3 Dongseong-ro 3-gil, Samdeog-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu

Cost: 20,000 won 

Rating: 5/5 

#2 Hilltop Club on Camp Walker Army base. 

Review: Pepperoni thin crust pizza. American. Has a huge Lounge area, Casino and American Restaurant. Pizza comes in huge slices. 

Cost: 11,000 won

Rating: 4.5/5 

#3 Pizza and Chicken 

Review; right outside of Camp walker. Pepperoni pizza is the best. Korean style pizza but still amazing. Thin crust.  Must get the pizza and chicken, It tastes soo much better together! 

Location: 58, samjeong2-Gil, Daegu South Korea

Cost: 23,000 won 


#4 Chef– right outside of camp walker. 

Review: Pepperoni pizza and Pasta. Thin crust. Also Korean style pizza with thick slices of pepperoni but crust is great and cheese is not super thick. 

Location: 49-18, Dongseong-ro 2-gil, Jung-gu, Daegu 

 Cost: 13,000 won 

Rating: 4/5

#5 Italy Italy– right outside camp Walker gate. 

Review: Pepperoni pizza. It comes in a heart shape that is super cute! ❤️. Pepperoni pizza. Thin crust. American. 

Location: 2F, 22-2, Samdeokdong1-ga, Jung-gu, Daegu South Korea

Cost: 9-11,000 won 

Rating: 3.5/5 

Again, if you are like me and you love pizza, you have to try these places! They are by far my favorite pizza places and the best part is most of them deliver! 

13 Reasons why you should start your travel Journey Somewhere in Asia 

For all those who so dearly want to travel but are either scared to travel alone, think it’s expensive, or wonder if it’s safe, The key to traveling is doing your research! I can’t speak for every country, but I can say that if you ever want to travel for a great price, try new food or experience new adventures, here are a few reasons you should start with Asia.

1. You can travel solo! Seriously, you will find so many backpackers and solo travelers out and about that you can form a group and tag along on your vacation or you can say your goodbyes and continue on your way. Whatever the case may be you are not the only one out enjoying the world!

Boracay, Philippines

2. Asia is known for loving to Relax! From the fiery hot springs of Korea to the cheap massages on the Beach of Boracay, Philippines. You will find that there are some amazing places to chill out and take a break from life as well as places to capture awesome pics!

3. You can get great prices on hotels and hostels no matter what time of the year you go! Hostels can run from $10 to $50 and hotels can run from $50 to about $100 a night. I mean you can’t beat that!

Hong Kong, China

4. Cheap prices for local food. Who needs or wants to eat in a restaurant all the time? The street food is awesome and the local street vendors stay open all night. From fresh fruit from the islands to watching the locals making bread, you will not be disappointed!

5. The locals know how to party! Whether it’s a weekend or if it’s a week day, Asians know how to have a good time and party ALL NIGHT! There’s always a special going on so the clubs are always filled. If you are worried about the music, DON’T. They play all genres of music so you will definitely fit in!

Boracay, Philippines

6. Beautiful sceneries and Architecture. The beaches, bays, and waterfalls, everything is just so blue! The temples, shrines, museums, and architecture in Asia is a must visit! You will be amazed at how beautiful the art is portrayed!

7. Shopping for clothes and Souvenirs. Did I mention you get more bang for your buck?? American dollars go a long way! There are soo many shops that have awesome clothes and are extremely nice! Asians are definitely trend setters! You can find any type of fabric such as silk, cotton, suede, or even cashmere. Whatever you want, you can get.

8. Most places in Asia don’t require a visa and if they do they are not expensive. I have been to 5 countries already and did not need a visa for neither. One of the countries that I will be Visiting I can buy the Visa their. How convenient!

Daegu, South Korea

9. You don’t have to worry about showing off! Seriously you can pack soo lightly and don’t have to worry about packing those 6inch heels or that huge makeup bag! Or if you are into the fashion industry, you can fit right in! Asia is perfect at making you feel like you can be yourself and just have fun! Plus you can find tons of masks and cleansers to make your skin flawless! Depending on your agenda, Any Country in Asia will tend to your needs!

10. Cater to American Language. Now this could be a good or bad thing depending on why you are traveling and where you go but a lot of people I know don’t travel far because of the language barrier. Let me tell you, Asians speak English very well! You will have no problem getting around!

Tuk tuk Boracay, Philippines

11. Transportation and technology is clutch! There’s no need to rent a car and worry about someone being a DD. From taxis, to elephants, to tuk tuks, or just walking. You are sure to find a way and wifi!

Philippine Airways

12. Flights to other destinations. There are soo many airlines that fly through Asia and are super inexpensive. You can seriously buy a rountrip flight from korea to Japan, Philippines, or Taiwan for just $100 bucks! Why only see one country when you can see many all within your budget!

13. It is a good place to start that won’t burn your pockets and it will make you want to go to more places. My travel journey started in South Korea and it has extended ever since! I know if I would have started somewhere expensive I would not travel as much!

A few places in Asia to get you started,

Manila, Philippines

Boracay, Philippines

Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia

Hanoi, Vietnam

Seoul, South Korea.

Get out and see the world! You won’t be disappointed.

Live. Laugh. Love

5 misconceptions you should STOP telling yourself about traveling! 

TBH……I was absolutely frightened to take my first international trip alone! I mean I have been dying to get my passport stamped even before I  got a passport so I knew I had to board the plane sometime soon. That wasn’t even the hardest part for me, it was the million and one thoughts that I have seen on television, heard on the radio, or just made up in my mind. Below are the top 5 misconceptions that I have heard from people who have no interest in traveling.

1. They Don’t speak English!  


I laugh at myself now even thinking about this because every country that I have been to, the people can speak English very well. In fact, I haven’t had any issues with being an American Foreigner in another country due to a language barrier! English is really popular and one of the main languages learned in many schools. Don’t be fooled by what you hear or see on T.V. Although I will say Koreans will “🙅🏽‍♂️🙅🏽” you out in a heartbeat if they don’t understand! Haha

2. Will I be in the next TAKEN movie?


One of my favorite movie series is Taken and in my mind, people really do pickup people from the airport. Like I was seriously worried about someone taking me out of the airport or a taxi driver not taking me to my destination because I had no idea where I was! I CLEARLY watched that movie too many times. All of my trips I have had some amazing taxi drivers and met awesome people at the airport as well. I mean don’t get me wrong, their are some cray cray people in this world however, you can’t let that stop you! It is definitely a must to be aware of your surroundings when traveling and if something doesn’t seem right of course don’t do it. Just don’t be so paranoid that you feel like everyone is watching you because you think they know you are American. Half the time, they are looking at you because you look different!

3. Am I really eating what it says?


Nowwww this one can be a little tricky, (lol). My first thoughts on my first travel journey was only eat things that you are use to or at a restaurant. (I mean I just thought restaurants would be clean). WRONGGGG! I have been to some ranky dank restaurants and they were far from clean.  Now when I travel I’m like, let me find the FIRST street vendor that smells good! Plus I can watch them make it in front of me. Do I know what I’m eating half the time, not quite because I feel like I’m always told everything is chicken although it doesn’t taste like it but I haven’t died yet soooo I’m sure it’s okay!

4. What if I catch something?! 
Not likely with precautions😶

I’m not going to lie, when I first got to Korea, covering your mouth while sneezing and coughing was nonexistent. So of course when I started hearing about Malaria, West Nile, Zika, and any Country that had people sick from a mosquito bite scared me! Before my first journey trip to Thailand, I practically read every article on people coming down with something I mean I was freaking out. I just knew when I went swimming with the elephants in that swamp and had 100 mosquito bites on my leg, I knew it was over for me! People!!  I was just fine! You cannot stress over this. Put on your bug spray (A LOT), show those legs, and worry about having fun!

5. It’s the same things just different location!! 


At first I thought the same thing, once you’ve been to one beach you’ve been to them all, once you’ve been to one temple you’ve been to many! BOYYYYY was I wrong! I mean from hotels, to the people, to the popular things to do everything is just different! Go out and enjoy the culture, go taste different foods, see the fashion, find the top things to do! Wherever you decide to go, there are TONS of things to get into and the good part is that you can always find a travel guide to help you! And heck, YOU’RE IN A NEW COUNTRY, GO EXPLORE!

Hope you enjoyed! ❤️

Whole day in Shinsegae mall, Daegu, South Korea

Hey Guys! So since I am living in Daegu currently, I finally decided to go check out our new mall that just opened up, SHINSEGAE! I kept hearing good and bad things about it sooo I wanted to go check it out on my own. Let’s just say I spent 6 hours going through the entire mall and it was totally worth it! I mean you absolutely have to go from bottom to top (9 floors) to get the full effect. I must say I was ready to turn around on the 5th floor but I am soo glad I didn’t! Here are a few thoughts on how my trip went! 

Ground Floor 

Since I took the subway to Dongdaegu Station, I was able to start on the bottom floor. The bottom was absolutely amazing. I mean not only did they move the bus station inside the mall, but there’s a complete grocery store inside. The Ground Floor consisted of ENDLESS bakeries, fresh baked bread, and a few fast food restauants. 

B1 cosmetics 

Now the first floor consisted of ENDLESS cosmetics; from Asian cosmetics to American brand cosmetics. The whole floor was designated to looking beautiful! From the most expensive brands to a few cheaper brands. 

B2/ B3 men’s and Women’s clothes/shoes 

The selection for men’s clothing was pretty much the same as every other mall in Korea. Brands such as Theory, Levi’s, Nike, and even the expensive brands. The same for women. I would NEVER buy clothes or shoes in a Korean inside mall. I picked up a pair of basic black heels and the lady typed in 400,000 won!!!!!!! I almost died.  I simply gave her a nod and proceeded to the next floor! 

B4 women’s classic handbags 

The same goes for Handbags. There were a ton of Korean Brand handbags as well as familiar stores which were Coach, Chanel, Tom Ford, Louis Vuitton coming soon, and Guess. 

B5 luxury boutique 

NOWWWWW, this floor is for people wayyy over my pay grade! Bags starting prices were 1.4 million won! 😳😳😳 it definitely was a nice view to look at though! I mean they had stores I’ve only seen on T.V. Or heard about by Beyoncé or Jay Z. Never the less, the floor was decorated and VERY secure If you know what I mean. 

B6 kids and electromart: No. 6 street 

The 6th floor was actually pretty neat. It was children’s clothes, sports stuff, and this really cool electro mart. It had different types of technology gadgets and a lot of comic characters. There were a ton of people inside so it definitely must be a pretty popular thing. I thought it was a huge arcade at first but then I saw the seriousness of people’s faces inside looking at the gadgets I simply proceeded to the next floor. 

B7 Home Collection 

This floor was like a bed bath and beyond. Seriously they had couches, beds, heated chairs, garden supplies. It was pretty awesome! This mall is perfect for all ages! 

 B8 little Italy theme 

Now this floor was my ABSOLUTE favorite! It was really a little Italy theme with a ton of Italian restaurants, Italian ice cream, and a few Italian coffee shops. It’s more of a fine dining but the decor is super nice! 

B9 Aquarium

Like have you ever seen an Aquarium actually in a mall? Like a legit Aquarium where divers and sea lions can perform? Yeah, it’s at this mall! If you love the aqua life you will definitely enjoy it! 

This mall  also has  a jungle-style theme park on its roof called Zooraji. Like talk about amazing! It includes 50 trampolines, climbing walls, Nerf guns and obstacle courses. 

I ended my journey with a 1 hour wait in a macaroon-gelato line! I’m one of those curious people so I had to see what people were talking about and I must say, it is a MUST to stand in line! 

Hope you enjoyed! ❤️