Food, Hiking, and Nightlife in Hawaii! 

Let’s start off with please do not do these events in that order! Again, my friend and I went to Hawaii together as a girls trip and although we had an AMAZING time, we were exhausted EVERY night! But that didn’t stop us from enjoying delicious meals, hiking an awesome trail, and partying until the sun came up. If you have no idea where to go in Hawaii, here’s a start for you!

Foods that are a MUST try!  
  1. M.A.C. 24/7 UMMM a absolute MUST! We ordered a meal and it was soo much food we split it and still got full! It consisted of Hawaii’s favorites such as kalibi, terryaki chicken, seared tuna, and rice . This restaurant in located at the Hyatt in Waikiki.

2. Yard house– at this place I tried duck wings for the first time. They had an interesting taste but after having a flight of Hawaii’s favorite beers, they were the most delicious wings ever!

3. Raging Crab– OMG! This is a small restaurant on a corner but when I tell you that this was the best seafood I’ve had in a very long time! Again, my friend and I split a meal in a bag which had a mixture of lemon pepper, spicy Cajun and garlic butter crab legs, shrimp, and sausage. Also we had the cheesy garlic bread and the most amazing shaved ice!

4. Mackeys shrimp truck garlic butter shrimp were also a fav! The shrimp was soo fresh and it was such a cute outdoor set up. Located by the beach so you’ll enjoy some amazing views.


 5. Buho fish tacos and shrimp tacos were also a hit. I know I keep saying that everything was my favorite but this was also a fan favorite. Those tacos were soo delicious! Just look at them!

6. Dole plantation pineapple whip ice cream If you’re a fan of Pineapple then you would ABSOLUTELY love their pineapple whipped ice cream! It was to die for!


7. Kokohead peak-Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love hiking when it’s not dangerous and there’s not a chance I could fall through a railroad track. I seriously wanted to turn back halfway up but I’m soo glad I didn’t. It was absolutely beautiful at the top. It took us about 35-40 minutes getting up there but totally worth it.

Clubs, bars, and lounges!

8. The District was the first nightclub that my friend and I went to in Hawaii. We were soo exhausted after a day of hiking but we decided why not? We went to our hotel, took a nap, and woke up at 10pm. Boy was I glad we went! This club was soo nice with two rooms, two DJ’s, and two bars. It was strictly hip hop and it was completely packed! It was College night Wednesday but really mostly foreigners. We didn’t leave til it closed at 6am.

9. Addictions/ A-list Nightclub on Thursday night was soooo lit! This nightclub was also a hip hop club and it is located in The MODERN hotel in Waikiki. It’s smaller than The District consisting of one room but the DJ played some great music and it was a fun night full of dancing! Definitely recommend visiting!

QUEENS and KINGS, if you’re ever looking for something to do in Hawaii, this blog will have you not sleeping and living life! Hope you enjoy.
Live. Laugh. Love.

Hawaii’s Favorite Beaches, Bays, and Waterfalls!  

The greeting of the most beautiful place I have been so far! A couple of weeks ago I spent the most amazing time in Hawaii! It was a 5 day trip turned into a 3 day but it was totally worth every bit of it! My friend and I had multiple people tell us we needed to try all of these different things and so we collected our papers, texts, and screen shots from some sites off the internet and started our adventure! Here are a few places that I believe are a MUST visit in Hawaii! 

Beaches, bays, waterfalls! 
1. WAIMEA BEACH is known for its scenic route and its cliff diving. We were not able to Jump due to the weather but there was a life guard on duty that was there the entire time! 

2. HANAUMA BAY  is known for it’s snorkeling. My friend and I found this bay because she had to use the restroom and so since we were there…why not? It was sooo beautiful seeing all the fish underneath the water not to mention they were super up close and personal. If you love snorkeling or swimming with a school of fish, Hanauma Bay is for you! 

3. WAIKIKI BEACH – so the hotel we stayed at was in walking distance from this beach. This is a popular beach and for many reasons. It’s right downtown Honolulu, there’s many bars and clubs, and it has tons of water sports. Their Sail boats are pretty amazing! You will get soaked but they have some pretty good Mimosas on board. Not to mention they were super understanding about not having cash and they let us pay when we got off! 

4. ICE PONDS- so I will say that this place holds every emotion that I own. We went here for cliff diving so make sure to click on the link and check out the blog. 

5. POUNDER’S BEACH on a windy day, no lifeguards, and the tides were pretty high, my friend and I was determined to go jump on the trampoline that was in the middle of the ocean. We swam over from shore and it was a little rough getting there, (not to mention my friends near death experience) lol but we got on, we jumped, and then hopped off! Definitely a must visit when you’re in Hawaii. 

As you can see, every one has something different you can do. So find your niche, grab a friend, and go enjoy what Hawaii has to offer! 🍹🍾❤️