Why I wouldn’t visit Thailand Anytime Soon! 

Everyone has that special place that if given the chance, they wouldn’t hesitate to get on a plane and be free! That was how I felt when I had the chance to go to Thailand for my 25th birthday. I have always wanted to ride an elephant, lay with a lion, and swim in a blue Island while drinking out of a coconut. The crazy thing is I did all of those things but it wasn’t what I expected.

To start off, I spent 5 days in Thailand which at the time I thought wasn’t enough time but when returning, it was too much time! My friend and I went out our first night there and i must say, Khao San road is a must see for partying and hours of dancing! It was definitely a fun sight to see for the first night with street vendors and tourists enjoying the night in town! 

The next day, we went to the floating market which seemed like HOURS away! It was really nice to see but the mosquitos there were out of this world! It was extremely humid, the water was yucky, and it seemed like the people were selling these trinkets as a way of living, not as a side hustle. Like literally I felt bad not buying something because they continued to ask after saying No! We happened to get a tour guide considering we didn’t know where we were going and paid in advance and they STILL tried to charge extra! It was ridiculous! But moving forward….
After the floating market, it was time to see the elephants! NOW THIS WAS EVERYTHING! The elephants were healthy, clean, and full of energy. Before climbing the elephants, we were able to feed them bananas which was pretty cool. The workers were also very gentle which was really nice. What wasn’t nice was the water we were in but that’s a different story. Overall it was a great experience as you can tell.

After, we went to the zoo to see the lions, tigers, and bears. Now, whoever said that the lions are drugged in Thailand may have misspoken in some parts. I was scared that the lion was going to attack me and make me his meal! It definitely wasn’t as fun as I imagined. Nor was playing with the baby cubs who tried to attack me. No bueno. 

The worst part about Bangkok was Patpong road. NOWWWW that was the WORST experience everrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! I must say I walked that street twice and the same people asked me if I wanted to buy something. Not only that, but I misplaced my phone, realized 2 seconds later, went back to the store and they tried to charge me for watching my phone! Like y’all are not serious? 😯🙁 not to mention allll of the 50,900 lady shows they have that I’m sure if a safety officer came in, it would be shut down immediately!

To end Bangkok, the Imperial Palace was really beautiful but it was wayyyy too hot and wayyy too many people! 

Now what made the trip worthwhile was Phuket. Talk about everybody in the club get tips…… hahaha. If you EVER want to spend your 25th, 30th, or any major birthday where you want to turnup, Patong Beach is where it’s at. Don’t get me wrong, the 5 island tour was super beautiful. From phi phi island, to Khai Nai Island, to whatever the other 3 were. They were absolutely gorgeous. Not to mention my near death experience snorkeling. 😩

Anywho, back to the turnup, Patong beach was like Vegas, LA, and Miami all in one. I had the time of my life staying right there on the beach, food all around, and massages were endless. It was everything and more! Not to mention the parasailing and the jet skiing that was AWESOME!
Overall, it wasn’t a bad trip but it definitely wasn’t one of my favorites. The party scene was great but as far as the rest, I could have easily left out Bangkok and enjoyed Phuket! Hope this helps as you venture off to see the wonderful waters of Thailand! 😎