Iceland: Our Blue Lagoon Experience

Bucket list item: ✔️

My fiancé and I had planned a trip to Iceland for the longest time. It’s been on my bucket list ever since I heard about the blue lagoon and when we saw the opportunity to go, we took it. Well, we knew that the blue lagoon was a hot commodity, what we didn’t know is that you MUST book tickets a week in advance or you could end up like me.

I went on the site and their were absolutely no tickets available. So what do I do, I stay up refreshing the page all night until something comes up. Well………..SOMETHING CAME UP! I refreshed at 0400 in the morning and their were 2 tickets available for the 2000 time slot. I immediately booked them and hoped for the best.

After that, I started doing some research and that’s when I saw a blog that mentioned you should have at least a 2 hour time block but a maximum of 4 hours. I cringed. I purchased ours for 2000 and it closed at 2200. I was so scared that we wouldn’t get the full benefit and experience of being there but to our surprise, we got more than what we wanted.

We arrived to the blue lagoon around 1940 and they happened to let us go in before our time which was definitely a plus. No hassle getting in, changing clothes, and getting into the water. You will get a wristband that will literally give you access to EVERYTHING!

The initial view of the lagoon was BEAUTIFUL! The water was actually blue and although their were many people in it, it is so big that we had plenty of space to fully enjoy all of the amenities. We purchased the comfort ticket which in reality that’s really the only one you need. We didn’t even need a robe because we stayed in the lagoon the entire time and we didn’t need slippers for that same reason.

The drinks were great, we were able to try on the masks, and we walked around the whole lagoon viewing the waterfall and heading into the oh so very hot sauna.

It did rain but it wasn’t bad at all. Honestly the weather was on and off but you didn’t even notice it with taking in the blue lagoon.

Overall we had a great experience and definitely feel like it’s something we could experience again!

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