LAyover in LA: Flight Mishap that became a part of the Adventure! 

Sooooo I finally got back from my suppose to be “5 countries in 20 days” for my birthday celebration and boyyy did it start off a little rough. I was sooo ready to cancel the whole trip after issue after issue. It was becoming sooo stressful. So it all started when I was headed to Vietnam, now I didn’t want to go to begin with but I gave in and said why not 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️. Well my passport happened to fall in water and after I waited in an hour line, spent the funds for the visa, I got denied for the Flight!!!!

So what do I do? I immediately book a flight to my state of birth which is California because I knew I needed my birth certificate. (WRONGGGG) they didn’t even look at it. Anyways, I’m on this flight 2 hours in and all of a sudden the pilot comes on the intercom and announces he’s having flight difficulties and we need to turn back around. 😐😐😐 at this point I’m ready to cancel the whole trip. Like I’m over it. 

Luckily, we had a Layover in Tokyo and that is my FAVORITE place to go out so I went to my favorite club vision and stayed their all night! 

Moving on, I finally made it to LAX and at this point I’m tired, frustrated, and ready to just go to my final destination. I happened to stay with a friend and everything started to change for the better. The vibes, positivity flowing in the air, and  the food was even great! 

Los Angeles treated me so well:

 From the Rosenthal Wine tasting on the beach, 

To the Waterfalls and hiking, 

To seeing my line sister and a Great friend to snap pics at the Hollywood Sign…

Beach Babe’ing it….

From the Good vibe Gods at the meditation Lake 

With all of the mishaps, I had the best time in California AND got a new passport and I owe it to all my friends who told me to keep pushing while I was soo ready to give up! Instead of heading to Vietnam, I got another adventure with some pretty AMAZING people. ❤️ journey Blogs coming soon! 


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