Favorite hairstyles: My Travel Go-To’s for Natural Hair! 

Every time I get ready to take a new trip the first thing that comes to my mind is what am I going to do with my hair now?! 😩 I mean I always struggle to find something that I will like and I hate repeating the same hairstyles. Not to mention that I HATE doing my hair when I’m traveling anyways. I definitely look for Hairstyles that will last the entire trip so I can spend more time doing something else! I am a naturally curly-haired girl so some styles I definitely have to be careful with but here are my travel go-to’s!

NOTE: I travel with a satin pillowcase due to me HATING to wrap my hair at night!


img_4738 1. Protective style: Braids 

So this is usually my go to because I love just being on the go. I hate getting up even 20 minutes early to do my hair. So lately I have been getting braids and keeping them in for a week or two!

Disadvantage: I hate sitting for hours. I have not perfected a way for my scalp to stop itching. I mean whether if it’s with my hair or synthetic, I get soo irritated with scratching.

IMG_10802. Wild and Free

Now I Love wearing my hair out. But usually when I travel going natural I have to bring products with me to make my hair stay tamed. If I don’t bring at least some type of curling gel, or spritz, I will literally look like Mufasa. However I love when my hair can be free because when I have my good days, they are good!

Disadvantage: I have to wet my hair everyday and bring some type of hair gel with me. When it’s hot it sticks to me and my mood sloooooowly starts changing! 😩

img_03643. Double trouble: twists, braids, buns 

This has by far been my easiest and my  favorite hairstyle. I simply braid my hair, bun my hair, or twist my hair into two sides and leave them out or pin them up with bobby pins and keep it moving.

Disadvantage: when I wear my hair like this for to long, that part in the middle of my hair starts to not want to go away.

img_5381 4. Straight hair! 

Now this is only on occasion, in fall or spring months, and when I’m going to a location where I am trying to be cute. 🙋🏽💁🏽. I love my hair straight but of course every night I have to wrap it and that’s one thing I HATEEE doing is wrapping my hair. But it looks amazing when it is straight! I don’t have to touch it, don’t bring any supplies, just literally brush my hair out and keep it moving.

Disadvantage: stay away from anything that looks like water or my hair will frizz, don’t sweat or my hair will frizz, and wrap my hair EVERY NIGHT in addition to the satin pillow or it’s done!

img_26505. wigs! 

Not going to lie, I love a good short bob. I have always wanted to cut my hair but everyone always tells me don’t do it. So I bought a wig and I rock it every chance I get. Now since my hair is pretty long is does take WAYYY longer to make the bob look natural and to adjust it just right. But when it’s done boy does it look good!

Disadvantage: trying to get all this hair into a cap is beyond exhausting. Takes a lot of time to make it look natural.

Hope these tips help just in case you are lazy like me when it comes to doing your hair during your travels! 😊

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