30 before 30 Bucketlist! 

30 by 30!!! Yup! I am going to give it a go. When I moved to South Korea in 2016, it was the BEST decision that I have ever made by far! I instantly fell in love with the culture, the food, activities, and just the people. Not to mention the convenience of traveling to different locations. I mean I have had a blast with traveling. I initially joined the military to travel and so the fact that I was able to hop on a 16 hour plane ride and live in a foreign country for a year for work has been AMAZING!

By my 26th birthday, I will have traveled to 11 countries in just ONE YEAR! I mean with a full time job, not traveling for more than 5 days in one location, and utilizing my resources, I must say that’s one hell of a year! Sooo, with that being said I will update this periodically when I get to a new country or able to add a new country to my list!


Places I have been or have booked: 

1. Daegu, Seoul, Jeju, South Korea

2. Bangkok, Phuket, Thailand

3. Boracay, Cebu, Philippines

4. Hong Kong, China

5. Tokyo, Japan

6. Waikiki, Hawaii

7. Singapore, Singapore

8. Vilnius, Lithuania

9. Bali, Indonesia

10. Male, Maldives

11. London, England, U.K.

12. Paris, Nice,  France

13. Nassau, Exuma, Bahamas

14. Aruba

15. Dubai

Places I want to go:

16. Dominican Republic

17. Santorini, Greece

18. Tulum, Mexico

19. Germany

20. Iceland

21. Africa

22. Cuba

23. Jamaica

24. Amsterdam

25. Sri Lanka

26. Budapest, Hungary

27. Costa Rica

Wherever the world takes me:




If you have any countries that are a MUST VISIT, definitely comment below and I will add to my list!

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