California Wine Tasting: Half Moon Bay 

If you know me, you know that I absolutely love a relaxing day of drinking wine and reading a good book. So when my friends and I were headed to the beach in Sunny San Francisco, California, we saw a sign that read, “NEBBIA WINE TASTING”. I immediately requested we stopped at the sign that said Wine tasting. I am soo glad we did because the location was ABSOLUTELY beautiful. I have always wanted to attend a wine tasting in California so glad I was able to check it off my bucket list. 

Once we got out of the car, I immediately fell in love, it was a small wine tasting garden but it had great views. The signs of the building were really nice and I instantly thought to take a picture. 

When entering the building, it was $10 for 5 tastings including the wine glass. The Host was really nice and she explained every wine in depth. She was extremely friendly. There was also this amazing vinegar mustard dip that was made at the garden that was PHENOMENAL. I don’t even like vinegar but this time I made sure to not miss a bit. 

Behind the wine tasting building was a beautiful garden you can go and walk around and enjoy the view. The flowers were gorgeous, it was super relaxing, and the girls and I absolutely loved it. We stayed here for about 2 hours soaking up the sun. 

Wine: so In regards to the wine. We found 3 wines that we were in love with and for our last 2 we doubled up on the ones we liked the most. We all wanted sweet wine so the host gave us her most sweetest ones. 

Black Muscat- red #1

Orange Muscat- orange #3

California Sparkling Wine- white #2

All 3 are dessert wines and were very good! We ended up combining the black muscat and the California to make an Amazing mix. 

California has never failed me yet with a new wine that I have to go back and try again!  




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