How I booked my 20 day Solo trip for my Big 26th! 


—-Tips on how to book flights for cheap!—-

I just booked 6 countries all less than 1500 dollars! YESSSSSSS I said it right! It takes a lot of work and time but it’s manageable. I’m not going to lie, I literally HATEEEE flying to any place where the location is already expensive to just tour. Plus, I hate buying plane tickets at a super high rate and the currency is super low. I literally feel like I’m still wasting money with buying the ticket! Traveling is literally so much work if you’re trying to travel on a budget but sooo worth it once you have it down! Here is my list on how to book cheap tickets. 

1. Find the locations you want to go to. Seriously, type in your location and see what countries are close to you! Be open because it might be a country not on your list but the location might be a dream come true!! 

2. Get a map and see what countries are closest to each other that you want to visit. Even if you have to book somewhere not on your list, see what’s a location close by you can fly to for cheap! 

3. Get to making your lists! I literally made my list over 20 times to make sure I have the cheapest deals. PLAN, PLAN, PLAN!! Take some time and really go over the shortest distances, the modes of transportation, (my favorite: Rome2rio)  and if the country requires a visa. 

4. Look up flights and price check! I used 3 sites to help with price checking and each time there was a price better than before! Make sure you really do some research to find the best deal! (SEE BELOW) 

5. Bookit! Once you are set on your list, Book those flights and be ready to enjoy your travel! It’ll be even better since you saved soo much money! 





Australia 314


Singapore 212


Maldives 106


Bali 200


London 300 


D.C. 300 

TOTAL: Approx. $1500 

*not including flight insurance. 
Book your flights and let me know if any of these sites were helpful for you! HAPPY TRAVELING! ❤️


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