13 Reasons why you should start your travel Journey Somewhere in Asia 

For all those who so dearly want to travel but are either scared to travel alone, think it’s expensive, or wonder if it’s safe, The key to traveling is doing your research! I can’t speak for every country, but I can say that if you ever want to travel for a great price, try new food or experience new adventures, here are a few reasons you should start with Asia.

1. You can travel solo! Seriously, you will find so many backpackers and solo travelers out and about that you can form a group and tag along on your vacation or you can say your goodbyes and continue on your way. Whatever the case may be you are not the only one out enjoying the world!

Boracay, Philippines

2. Asia is known for loving to Relax! From the fiery hot springs of Korea to the cheap massages on the Beach of Boracay, Philippines. You will find that there are some amazing places to chill out and take a break from life as well as places to capture awesome pics!

3. You can get great prices on hotels and hostels no matter what time of the year you go! Hostels can run from $10 to $50 and hotels can run from $50 to about $100 a night. I mean you can’t beat that!

Hong Kong, China

4. Cheap prices for local food. Who needs or wants to eat in a restaurant all the time? The street food is awesome and the local street vendors stay open all night. From fresh fruit from the islands to watching the locals making bread, you will not be disappointed!

5. The locals know how to party! Whether it’s a weekend or if it’s a week day, Asians know how to have a good time and party ALL NIGHT! There’s always a special going on so the clubs are always filled. If you are worried about the music, DON’T. They play all genres of music so you will definitely fit in!

Boracay, Philippines

6. Beautiful sceneries and Architecture. The beaches, bays, and waterfalls, everything is just so blue! The temples, shrines, museums, and architecture in Asia is a must visit! You will be amazed at how beautiful the art is portrayed!

7. Shopping for clothes and Souvenirs. Did I mention you get more bang for your buck?? American dollars go a long way! There are soo many shops that have awesome clothes and are extremely nice! Asians are definitely trend setters! You can find any type of fabric such as silk, cotton, suede, or even cashmere. Whatever you want, you can get.

8. Most places in Asia don’t require a visa and if they do they are not expensive. I have been to 5 countries already and did not need a visa for neither. One of the countries that I will be Visiting I can buy the Visa their. How convenient!

Daegu, South Korea

9. You don’t have to worry about showing off! Seriously you can pack soo lightly and don’t have to worry about packing those 6inch heels or that huge makeup bag! Or if you are into the fashion industry, you can fit right in! Asia is perfect at making you feel like you can be yourself and just have fun! Plus you can find tons of masks and cleansers to make your skin flawless! Depending on your agenda, Any Country in Asia will tend to your needs!

10. Cater to American Language. Now this could be a good or bad thing depending on why you are traveling and where you go but a lot of people I know don’t travel far because of the language barrier. Let me tell you, Asians speak English very well! You will have no problem getting around!

Tuk tuk Boracay, Philippines

11. Transportation and technology is clutch! There’s no need to rent a car and worry about someone being a DD. From taxis, to elephants, to tuk tuks, or just walking. You are sure to find a way and wifi!

Philippine Airways

12. Flights to other destinations. There are soo many airlines that fly through Asia and are super inexpensive. You can seriously buy a rountrip flight from korea to Japan, Philippines, or Taiwan for just $100 bucks! Why only see one country when you can see many all within your budget!

13. It is a good place to start that won’t burn your pockets and it will make you want to go to more places. My travel journey started in South Korea and it has extended ever since! I know if I would have started somewhere expensive I would not travel as much!

A few places in Asia to get you started,

Manila, Philippines

Boracay, Philippines

Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia

Hanoi, Vietnam

Seoul, South Korea.

Get out and see the world! You won’t be disappointed.

Live. Laugh. Love


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