Whole day in Shinsegae mall, Daegu, South Korea

Hey Guys! So since I am living in Daegu currently, I finally decided to go check out our new mall that just opened up, SHINSEGAE! I kept hearing good and bad things about it sooo I wanted to go check it out on my own. Let’s just say I spent 6 hours going through the entire mall and it was totally worth it! I mean you absolutely have to go from bottom to top (9 floors) to get the full effect. I must say I was ready to turn around on the 5th floor but I am soo glad I didn’t! Here are a few thoughts on how my trip went! 

Ground Floor 

Since I took the subway to Dongdaegu Station, I was able to start on the bottom floor. The bottom was absolutely amazing. I mean not only did they move the bus station inside the mall, but there’s a complete grocery store inside. The Ground Floor consisted of ENDLESS bakeries, fresh baked bread, and a few fast food restauants. 

B1 cosmetics 

Now the first floor consisted of ENDLESS cosmetics; from Asian cosmetics to American brand cosmetics. The whole floor was designated to looking beautiful! From the most expensive brands to a few cheaper brands. 

B2/ B3 men’s and Women’s clothes/shoes 

The selection for men’s clothing was pretty much the same as every other mall in Korea. Brands such as Theory, Levi’s, Nike, and even the expensive brands. The same for women. I would NEVER buy clothes or shoes in a Korean inside mall. I picked up a pair of basic black heels and the lady typed in 400,000 won!!!!!!! I almost died.  I simply gave her a nod and proceeded to the next floor! 

B4 women’s classic handbags 

The same goes for Handbags. There were a ton of Korean Brand handbags as well as familiar stores which were Coach, Chanel, Tom Ford, Louis Vuitton coming soon, and Guess. 

B5 luxury boutique 

NOWWWWW, this floor is for people wayyy over my pay grade! Bags starting prices were 1.4 million won! 😳😳😳 it definitely was a nice view to look at though! I mean they had stores I’ve only seen on T.V. Or heard about by Beyoncé or Jay Z. Never the less, the floor was decorated and VERY secure If you know what I mean. 

B6 kids and electromart: No. 6 street 

The 6th floor was actually pretty neat. It was children’s clothes, sports stuff, and this really cool electro mart. It had different types of technology gadgets and a lot of comic characters. There were a ton of people inside so it definitely must be a pretty popular thing. I thought it was a huge arcade at first but then I saw the seriousness of people’s faces inside looking at the gadgets I simply proceeded to the next floor. 

B7 Home Collection 

This floor was like a bed bath and beyond. Seriously they had couches, beds, heated chairs, garden supplies. It was pretty awesome! This mall is perfect for all ages! 

 B8 little Italy theme 

Now this floor was my ABSOLUTE favorite! It was really a little Italy theme with a ton of Italian restaurants, Italian ice cream, and a few Italian coffee shops. It’s more of a fine dining but the decor is super nice! 

B9 Aquarium

Like have you ever seen an Aquarium actually in a mall? Like a legit Aquarium where divers and sea lions can perform? Yeah, it’s at this mall! If you love the aqua life you will definitely enjoy it! 

This mall  also has  a jungle-style theme park on its roof called Zooraji. Like talk about amazing! It includes 50 trampolines, climbing walls, Nerf guns and obstacle courses. 

I ended my journey with a 1 hour wait in a macaroon-gelato line! I’m one of those curious people so I had to see what people were talking about and I must say, it is a MUST to stand in line! 

Hope you enjoyed! ❤️


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