7 reasons why I will choose a hotel before staying in a hostel or renting an AirBnB! 

To all my solo travelers…Let’s be honest…..do you really enjoy staying in a room full of strangers who rarely speak the same language as you? I mean I got it, you’re in a different country, experiencing new things, enjoying the world! *inserts prayer hands* TOTALLY GET IT! But I also love being able to enjoy my own space and time when I’m traveling to a new place. I have been to 5 countries, stayed in 3 hostels,  5 hotels, and 2 airBnB homes. (I know not a ton like some of you 😉)   I love staying at nice and convenient locations when I travel and will make sure I am in a central location before submitting BOOK! I am not a backpacker nor am I a travel blogger who gets paid to travel the world soo everything is definitely coming out of my own pockets. However, here are a few reasons why I will always invest more time in finding a flight for dirt cheap than finding a place to stay at a new destination. 

Hotels vs. Hostels 

1. I like being Comfortable!!! 

I like knowing that there’s at least a wall in between me and the next person instead of a cloth divider that doesn’t give you any peace to yourself. It’s okay to want to be cheap and hostels are just that, but I like being able to SLEEP when I want and not hear people around me moving. I’m all about turning up all night every night, but when you hear people running in and out around you, that one or two hours you were looking for are nonexistent. AND I REFUSE TO SLEEP ON A TOP BUNK! 

Hotels vs. Hostels and AirBnB

2. I like my Own Space! 

Like I Literally like making a hotel mine until it’s time for me to leave! In an AirBnB home, you’re practically living in someone’s home for the time you’re there! Sooo in your mind you are doing everything you can to keep everything tidy! In a hotel, you don’t have to worry about that! Wake up anytime you want and start your day. 

Hotels vs. Hostels 

3. Only one using the Toilet and shower! 

Unless the housekeeper is using my toilet when I’m away or taking showers when no one is looking, I like having my own! I love being able to leave my hairbrush on the counter and not have anyone touch it, or go to the restroom and find someone used all the toilet paper. The feeling I want when coming back to my hotel is being by myself and reliving the day I just had without having to worry about bringing my shower supplies with me on my walk towards the girls bathroom! 

Hotels vs. Hostels and AirBnB

4. Not cleaning up everyday! 

I mean who wants to clean everyday on vacation? So what I had a sandwich and left it on the counter, maybe I wanted to eat it later? At hostels and with AirBnB, you clean up your own mess. There’s no leaving wet towels on the ground, there’s no leaving your clothes laid out everywhere, and there’s no giving 0 cares about anything. I mean what fun is that! 

Hotels vs. AirBnB 

5. Free breakfast!

 Although some hostels have free breakfast and lunch buffets, haven’t met one that brought the food directly to your door. Like literally, knock on the door and deliver your food in bed! Omg it is the best thing everrrrr!!!!! 

Hotels vs. Hostels and AirBnB 

6. Less rules!

 Now I have stayed at all 3 locations and I must say that the only rule a hotel has is make sure you check out! Seriously, hostels and renting from AirBnB there are soo many rules. There’s quiet hours, there’s first come first serve, there’s no meeting people and hanging back at your place, there’s nooo fun! Not saying you want to go home with strangers but even if it was an option…..there’s not one in one of those places! Better yet, what if you meet a creepy person and find out their your bunk mate!?! 😳😳 Totally kidding but it could happen! 

Hotels vs. AirBnB 

7. Less Traffic! 

Listen, I already plan last minute as it is, I don’t want to have to contact someone to let them know I’m coming, send a deposit to an individuals personal account, make sure I contact them ahead of time to meet me! Blah blah blah. Sometimes I just want to get to my hotel, have them type whatever they do in the computer and they hand me my key! No third party sites and meeting random people at their house! 

 I am still able to book rooms for $100 or less with just me inside and it works out great! I only travel on 4 days or less so my resting location is pretty much stand still. Again this is totally my opinion and based off of experiences I’ve had!  Hope you enjoyed and make sure to give your inside scoop! 

Live. Love. Travel. ❤️

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