Top 4 Places to Party In Hong Kong 

Heyyyyy everyone! So I know that I am way overdue  for my Hong Kong trip so here I am giving you all the inside scoop. I make it a mission to visit the top clubs and bars in each country I visit and in Hong Kong it was no different. I looveeeee to party and hang out with the locals and foreigners from other places. Make sure to visit when you go! 

1. Ozone skybar at the Ritz-Carlton 

I honestly think I fell in love with the view here. It was on the 119th floor and was just simply stunning. It is the second highest bar in the world so definitely a must see. The drinks were amazing and the food was even better. Upscale and sophisticated yet breathtaking views for pictures. 
2. Ce La Vie rooftop bar 

Brought in the new year at this Nightclub. Located on the Main Street in Lan Kwai Fong but definitely for the grown and sexy. Located on the 25th floor. It’s 2 floors of partying, one inside and the other on the skybar and both floors were full of dancing and partying. Staff was amazing and danced and interacted with the customers all night. 
3. Ciao Chow night club

 Also a great night club located on the strip. A huge dance floor and the music will definitely make you wanna party all night. Low entrance fee and great prices on drinks. Chic yet casual crowd and young travelers enjoying life! 
4. Lan Kwai Fong street

This street is a must when you go to Hong Kong. The people were great, the prices were cheap, and it was a ton of foreigners just partying until the sun came up! LITERALLY!!!  It can get a bit crowded on the street so it’s hard to get into the bars or even know where the entrance is but with a few drinks from surrounding bars before the Main Street, you’ll find yourself  mixing in with the pack in no time. 

Hope you enjoy! 


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