How I took an L in my Travel Funds! 

Listen, I do a great job at traveling on a budget, making an itinerary, and finding things to do on trips. What I struggle with is getting to the plane on time. I mean I absolutely hate the Airport and all the trouble it takes to get to the boarding gate. This blog is to explain the biggest L I took since my travel journey. 

So in the past week I will have visited 2 countries. Christmas I spent the weekend in the Philippines and New Years I will be spending in Hong Kong. So the first L was in the Philippines. 

To be honest, I wasn’t feeling that trip to begin with. I kept hearing bad things about all the issues going on, people getting captured, and Lord knows I don’t have time for that. Well my mom and I ended up going anyway. When I got there, it was ABSOLUTELY amazing. Totally punched myself on even thinking why I didn’t want to go to the beautiful island of Boracay. That was until I got an email the morning of my flight telling me my flight was canceled. Literally the message said: 

Your flight has been canceled. 

Me: 😑😑😑😑😑😑😑 sooooo there’s nothing that follows? You’re not going to give me any guidance on my options? 

So my mom and I went to the airport, redirected our flight and were able to get to Manila. Well THIS is where the issue came. BTW MANILA AIRPORT IS THEEEEE WORST AIRPORT EVERRRRRR! My mom and I were rushing to catch our flight having 40 minutes left to catch it to find out the shuttle from point A to point B takes 2 hours!!! Like BRUH! Y’all killing me. So of course we missed our flight, flight couldn’t get rescheduled, and I had to take an L to my pocket to buy new tickets. That was the first Incident. 

Now 3 days later I find myself thinking I’m on time and all early for my flight. I totally forgot to check-in online and me thinking I would get there at 845 and my flight leaves at 945 I thought I was good! Yeaaahhhhhh NO! In korea, the people who work the check in gates are the same people who work the boarding gates so they get ghost wayyy before the flight is even taking off. So at this point I went to a different airline. I went to the front asking if they had any tickets available and they told me they were booked! 

Now, at the time, I was ready to just give up but my pride wouldn’t let me. I was already committed and I had already made an itinerary so there wasn’t anything that was going to stop me from getting a flight. 


I got on my phone, went to my 3 travel apps for airlines, compared all three for the cheapest, and was on my merry way. Went back to the counter like, ” I’m bacckkkkkkkk”. The manager comes up to me and asks how did I get my ticket because the entire flight was booked! I simply responded with, “my travel apps Bihhhhh”! (totally Kidding). I let him know that third party sights will sell until the last minute of a flight and he was really amazed! 

Anyways moral of the story is to make your flights on time, get travel insurance, and download some third party sights just in case you have to do a little last minute flight shopping! 

Hello Hong Kong! ✌🏽


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