25 reasons Why Being Single in 2017 Won’t Suck 

2017 is the year of me! I want all of you to repeat that at least 10 times or until you actually believe it! We are not going into 2017 the same way we left 2016. You know why? Because we are going to focus on bettering ourselves this entire year! We are going to leave those heartbreaks in the past, the negativity behind, and most importantly the complacency will have to go. This year we will focus on living a full life! 2017: 3R’s!!  Refocusing, rebalancing, and rebuilding  Ready, set, WELCOME 2017!!!!!  

1. Own a self-development book….

At this point in our life we need all the help we can get! Find an author that you like that inspires you to want to be a better PERSON. 

2. Treat yourself to a full day of pampering at the spa….

It’s soo easy to get so caught up in wanting to find yourself at this age you start to lose yourself even more! Make sure you find time to take a break here and there to enjoy a day of relaxation! 

3. Take yourself out to dinner….

I understand that eating out everyday is convenient especially when you find that fast food restaurant that’s always actually fast and the food isn’t half bad. But let’s try to actually sit down, relax, and enjoy a nice meal prepared FOR you! 

4. Cook an entire holiday meal…

Prepare a full home cooked meal from start to finish by yourself and enjoy it alone! See how rewarding it will feel after.  

5. Go wine tasting…

Repeat after me: WINE IS LIFE! The older we got the fancier we try to be. Therefore, go try out a few wines and find your favorite! I promise you will like at least 3 and leave with about 5 bottles. 

6. Host a girls night at your house…

We’re never to old for a girls night/sleepover at the house. Call your girls, everyone bring a dish, and just enjoy each other’s company with a little gossip. Soooo who got the tea??

7. Go house hunting to start putting together your dream home… 

You don’t need a family to start preparing for YOUR dream home. Go out and see what’s out there! Make an appointment in a neighborhood you see yourself living in and do some research. Who knows it could be in your near future! 

8. Take selfies…

Listen, you just became available on the market, your confidence is high, and you’re ready to focus on you! Flick away and post every single one! If anyone has a problem simply reply, 


9. Invest in a good luggage set..
It’s time for us to set sail and travel but let’s not get to the airport with our bags falling apart or wheels falling off! Invest in a good luggage set. 

10. Have a comfortable bed…

Sleep is superrrr important and a vital part in life. Make sure you have a good mattress to support your beauty sleep. Who wants to wake up grumpy every day because we didn’t get a good nights rest. 

11. Stop Forcing relationships and enjoy dating…..

Every guy you meet does not mean he’s your potential boyfriend or next relationship! Please STOP with the forcing of relationships and getting heart broken because of it. Let’s simply bring back dating and watch where it goes. No heartbreaks 2017!  

12. Visit a museum….

If you haven’t visited a museum it’s okay. Now is the time to go! Whether it’s by yourself or with a group of friends, go enjoy some of the amazing art and history some museums have. 

13. Find a FAVORITE at a local coffee shop…

Ladies, our husband is waiting for us but we never walk into that coffee shop near our house according to the movies. (Lol). Totally kidding, but a good reason to get out of the house or your car is to stop by your favorite place and get to know the barista. Makes a difference in your mornings. 

14. Have a signature dish everyone loves…

Ever get invited to different events and you have no idea what to bring so you spend hours on Pinterest? Find that go to dish that everyone loves and it takes you 10 seconds to make. You’ll enjoy going to parties a lot more! 

15. Own a pair of classy black heels….

Every women needs a pair of black heels. Not stilettos, not pumps, not platforms, just a black 3in heel that we keep in our car just in case we need to transition. It will definitely come in clutch. 

16. Know the difference between happy hour attire, after 5 attire, and Business Casual….

Dating 101, know the difference in attire etiquette. Let’s dress appropriately to events and when we walk in, all eyes are on us because we are on FIREEEE. Not because we’re in sweatpants and nikes. 

17. Know how to get dressed in less than an hour or two…

We all know that in college last minute studying is pretty much life. We do what we want all day and an hour before a test we study, go in, and ace it! So why does it take 4 hours to put on a tshirt and jeans? It’s time to manage our time better! 

18. Find a facial regiment that works for your skin…..

Okay. I get that there are a thousand Face creams and body washes out there. This is the time to experiment and find what works for you! We are not trying to go into 2018 still working on getting rid of a blackhead. Take this time and do your research. 

19. Have a passport…

This is probably one of the hardest yet easiest things to do. At 25 having a passport is a MUST. At this point in your life we just graduated college, starting careers and is ready to travel the world! 

…….But you need a Passport! 

20. Own a credit card with reward points..

Did you know that when you go shopping you could be earning rewards? If you’re not into getting credit cards that’s totally okay but if you are, definitely look into getting rewards or cash back for buying that cute outfit you couldn’t wait to wear! 

21. Learn how to pack an overnight bag….

Stop trying to pack your whole entire life to spend a couple of days in a hotel room. By this time you should be able to fit everything you need into 1 or 2 bags that are easily manageable to be carried by YOU. 

22. Invest in an expensive handbag…

Going into 2017 you should not be rocking fake designer bags anymore.  If you’re going to carry a bag without labels that is perfectly fine! However, wearing a bag with LV upside down and MK becomes KM, not so cute! It’s time to put a little money into a bag that you will take care of and use! 

23. Have a designated “BEST FRIEND”…..

 By 2017 your business no longer becomes everybody’s business. Have that one friend that you talk to and is close with. No need to be seeking out advice from ALL your friends on and off social media to be your counselor. Half of us are just nosey anyways! 

24. Let go of old Routines and bad habits……. 

If you’re always in black, wear blue. If you’re always driving the same way to work, take a different route. Always the texter and never the texting, STOP! Seriously break those old routines and start seeking new adventures. 

25. Learn to Celebrate yourself….

Buy a new pair of shoes?  pat yourself on the back for having the money. You bought a new appliance for your house? 2 snaps for you on adulting. Whatever it may be, start appreciating yourself and rewarding yourself for just being you. 2017 is our time to shine so let’s shine! 

Hope you enjoyed! 


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