Christmas Weekend in Boracay, Philippines! 

This year was my first Christmas out of the U.S. and away from home. at first I was a little sad not being around family and friends, my gifts taking about 3 or 4 weeks to get back home, and overall just being by myself. Well that all changed when my mom decided to come visit me and we planned our trip to Boracay, Philippines. 

It was seriously the best idea to get away. To start, it is absolutely freezing in the states AND in Korea where I live. When we got off the plane in the Philippines it was instantly 80 degrees outside! JUST BEAUTIFUL! We had to take an hour flight to Caticlan and then catched a speed boat to the island of Boracay. The scenery was just AMAZING! 

The first day we didn’t take anytime to get on the road. We got to our hotel around 8am, took an hour nap and then we were on our way. So a Fact about me is I never travel without an itinerary. So for this day it was to eat Filipino food, go to the beach, be a mermaid, souvenir shop, and end the night with a PubCrawl. 

The Filipino food was awesome! We had their BBQ chicken with their white rice and lime. Sooo good! We stayed in Station 2 because we knew that is where the nightlife was and our hotel was right on the beach so we went to the beach for a couple of hours. We were able to walk the strip and buy tons of souvenirs for cheap. 

Now for the Mermaid swimming. This by far was my favorite part of the trip. It was located in Station 1 on the white sand beach and the instructor was soo friendly. My mom and I were able to choose our own fins and the instructor took us out to the water and we took pics! She took some AMAZING photos of us. I also went out to to take the swimming lesson. It was an hour and a half for the lesson and totally worth it. She taught me different techniques to use as well as used my camera to record and take pics. I must say overall it was an awesome experience. 
We ended the night with the PubCrawl. It was pouring down raining that night but that didn’t stop the fun! We went to the link up spot and we met up with about 40 others. We got our tshirts, a wristband, a shot glass, and free shots the whole night! There were games and tons of solo travelers. Definitely a MUST-DO in Boracay. 


So the next day, my adventures consisted of helmet diving and paddle boarding. So I did Helmet diving in Station 3 and it was nerve wrecking I must say. I was a little nervous to get in the water but we took a speed boat out to the helmet diving platform. It was a long wait and super packed but i must say it was worth it. Under water was EXTREMELY beautiful and the fish were everywhere! Definitely something to experience. 

The next thing I did, ( because my mom was not having it) was the paddle boat. My friend bet me that I couldn’t stay on for a minute and boyyy was he wrong. I mean come on I’m from California! We were made for the water even if we don’t live by the water. I was soo able to check that off my bucket list and get some good pics! 

My mom and I hung around the beach and Station 2 for the rest of the night and it was stunning! We ended the night wth my mom staying in and me doing a little solo traveling on my own. I was able to go out and party with some of the tourists and backpackers and see Boracay’s most talked about nightlife. Would definitely recommend Epic Nightclub and Summertimes Grove. 


So today started with a cloudy sky and a few showers. Since the weatherman has put out a typhoon warning all boat rides have been stopped so no cliff diving for me but it worked out perfectly. I was able to get a wonderful 1 hour massage on the beach for $6, a henna tattoo for $4, and a braid in my hair for $4. Not only that, but I was able to try the local beer for $.60 which totally made my day! My mom and I had our photoshoot on the beach and just relaxed for this wonderful Christmas Day. I must say the people here are just so friendly! 


Welp today was the day we were suppose to leave but our flight was cancelled due to the typhoon that hit. Our hotel took us to the airport and the staff were super amazing and redirected our flight! I will say that overall this trip has been absolutely amazing! The prices are great, the people are great, and just overall it was a great experience. I will definitely have to visit again! 

Happy Holidays from us to you! 


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