Goodbye relationship goals and hello travel goals! 

Sitting on the beach people watching and my first thoughts were, “I wish I had a boyfriend sitting next to me right now”, “this would be the perfect night for a proposal.” And then my second thought hit me. “Why do you wish that? Because you see couples walking around, you’re on social media seeing engagements, or because you really just want the company around?” Either way it goes, my first thought wasn’t I wish I had someone that actually loves or cares about me. All I thought was where is my “man” when I’m having these romantic date nights alone. You can try to argue the point of if he is my man than of course he loves me or cares about me. BUT ladies let’s be real. Alllll us single ladies know……….that is not the case! 

How is it that us women go from loving ourselves and telling each other to wait for our Mr. Right one day but when we feel like we’re ready or feeling alone we wish we had a man or wish he can pop up for these awesome moments we’re having solo. Why can’t we just enjoy the moment for what it is worth without the extra person? After putting my thoughts to the side and realizing that I don’t wish I had a man to enjoy these memories with me, I started enjoying the moment and realizing that I’m okay right here living in the realization  that I am single. Heck I’m more than okay, I’m blessed to be sitting on an island watching the waves and drinking a beer with no one to please. 

To my single ladies and to myself, let’s learn to enjoy the moments of our solo date nights and stop wishing we had someone to enjoy it with us. The more we force this “perfect” boyfriend to fit our “perfect” picture the smaller our frame gets. We’re not looking for a 3×5 on a shelf, we’re looking for a mural painted on our master bedroom wall. Our Mr. Right will come with time and when he does we will know! 

So with that being said, get off that social media outlet where your “relationship goals” couples are, cherish the goals you set for yourself, cherish your time, and cherish the opportunities of being alone! Being single is a temporary fix for you to enjoy your own company and to prepare for your future husband. Let’s stop trying to do the work God already has planned out for us! 

Love you all! 😘

Live. laugh. love. ❤


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