2016: Tie’s Year of Self-Reflection 

Self- Reflection is a humbling process. It is essential to find out why you think, say, and do certain things…then better yourself! -Sonya Teclai 

 To think that 2016 could have totally been the opposite for me. I could have been miserable and down to have moved out of the country, I could have been sad and indulged in self pity from a broken relationship, I could have beaten myself up for not being where I wanted to be at 25, OR I could have made this year completely about me to find myself and what makes me happy. 


 I learned that it’s okay to move away because your true family and friends will always be there, I learned that you can’t force someone to be happy if they are not willing to, and I learned that my Happiness starts with me! I am soo grateful for 2016 and all of the amazing people I have added in my life thus far. 

I have lost a lot of “friendships” but I gained more opportunities for self reflection! To be able to do the things I love this year and commit to them has been nothing more than God blessing me. Starting my Zumba classes, traveling to different countries, coaching, and my new favorite hobby which is blogging! To be able to finish scrapbook projects, host holiday parties, and serve my community in 2016 just confirms the God has a plan for my life and it’s soo much more than I thought! 

If you’re Jumping from one situation to the next, when do you have time to re-evaluate who you are as an individual? -Alex Elle 

I know that I have a ways to go to be fully what God has called me to do but I can simply say that 2016 has definitely made me a better me and I am soo proud of the person that I have become! 

2017… I am Ready for you!! 😍🍾💪🏽❤


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