Why The Holiday Season is soo special! 

I truly thought spending the Holidays in a Foreign Country was going to be totally different. Found out that it’s even 10 times as big here than it is in the states AND I can still enjoy the the things I love! Enjoy the 10 reasons why I will love the Holiday Season no matter where I go! 

1. It’s the time to send Christmas cards to family and friends that you don’t talk to everyday. 

2. Everyone comes together to try and be with each other during the holidays. 

3. Christmas music is soo happy and cheerful. 

4. Being cozy on the couch with a blanket and hot chocolate watching Christmas movies. 

5. It’s not about the gift of receiving, it’s about the gift of giving! 

6. Holiday Parties are the absolute BEST! Bringing friends together to enjoy a great time is such a great feeling! 

7. Christmas/Fall pics always come out soo great! 

8. There’s always soo much love in the air with many engagements AND Weddings. 

9. People are genuinely nice around the holidays. 

10. The perfect excuse to shop ALL the time! 

Share your reasons on why you love the Holiday Season! 

Live. Laugh. Live.


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