Harry Potter Cafe (Hogsmeade), Gyeongsan City: Daegu, South Korea 

Are you a Harry Potter fan? If so, this blog will make you one happy muggle. My mom is currently visiting me in Korea  and because we both  love to travel, take pics, and have fun, we decided to check some things off my bucket list and that was to visit the Harry Potter Cafe in Gyeongsan. I have been trying to get to this cafe for almost 6 months now and I wouldn’t have wanted to visit it with anyone else! I absolutely fell in love with it! I have been a Harry Potter fan since Middle school so having a themed cafe here in Korea was simply the icing on the cake! Here are a few pics of the Cafe! 

First, the outside of the Cafe was AWESOME!!! Once you walked inside, the atmosphere of the cafe totally changed. The lights were dim, the mood was relaxed, and it was just like walking into Hogwarts! (Okay maybe a little over the top but close enough). It had every house (like in the books) posted all around the Cafe. Everything inside of the Cafe was just great! It took us 25min to get there from downtown Daegu due to traffic but believe me when I say it’s Worth it! 

Don’t let me forget the best part which was the butter beer! Omg!! I’ve had my fair share of Butter beer tastings and this one was by far the best!  (Non-alcoholic of course).  Not to mention the cookies and cream that they added on top! 

Overall it was a great experience! Small cafe but fully equipped with everything Harry Potter. Would definitely visit again!

Live. Laugh. Love  

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