8 Places to Visit in Jeju Island, South Korea 

My first trip that I went on in Korea was to Jeju Island with a couple of friends. It was an hour flight away from Daegu and VERY INEXPENSIVE in price. The weather wasn’t the best but we stayed in this awesome hotel that had a huge Casino! Here are a few places that I absolutely recommend going to if you ever get a chance!

1. The Sex museum It was definitely an interesting sight to see at first! There were just sooo many male parts that I’m sure if you came with your mom or dad it would be uncomfortable. The sculptures were VERY detailed but there were just soo many things to see that your curiosity will spike a couple of notches. Not to mention they have a bakery with everything shaped like private parts. WEIRD RIGHT?  2.Greek Mythology museum

So my friend is really into Greek mythology so we made a pit stop. I personally do not care too much for it but you wouldn’t have realized that because I was in awe walking into that museum. You have the option to put on Chiton clothing and interact inside the museum. Just the sculptures were soo detailed and the paintings were mesmerizing! We spent about 2 hours just enjoying and reading the art. Simply stunning. 3. Hyeopjae Beach

Although the weather was horrible, it did not stop us from going to the beach! There were a lot of people out there and it was really nice. The sand was soft and white, the water was blue, and there were soo many scenic sites to capture! 4. Jeju Nanta Theatre

This show travels all around the world and was soo amazing! It’s a cooking show where they speak zero English and mostly consist of Korean traditions but you can understand everything that is going on during the show. We laughed the entire time and couldn’t take our eyes off of it! I would definitely go see it again! 5. Manjanggul Cave

Talk about a lot of people being in a cave at once! This is a pretty popular cave in Jeju but the beauty inside of it makes me know why. Again, it was raining so it was a little slippery inside but for it to be raining as hard as it was, the cave did not have tons of cracks and we left the cave barely even wet. It’s about a 30 minute walk to the end where there’s a rail and place to take pictures. Soo many places inside to capture photos.

6. Trick Art Museum

Right when I walked into this museum I was instantly upset my phone wasn’t on 100%. I wanted to take a picture with every portrait from start to finish. There were just soo many options on how to add yourself to the tricks of the art! If you’re ever looking for a couple of hours of fun, this is your place! 7. Cheonjeyeon Falls

My friends and I were really set on jumping off of a cliff, unfortunately with the weather, we were not able to but the falls that we went to was so beautiful and refreshing. It was about a 15 minute walk to get to the falls and we had to cross this bridge that seemed like we were floating on clouds. It was pretty cloudy but just hearing the waterfall next to us was so relaxing. 

8. The Jeju Aroma Superdome Nightclub

Let me tell you, this was the best nightclub that I have ever been to! It was soo spacious, the people were awesome, and there were endless seats and tables available. The drinks came straight to the table and you can order anything you want from your seat. Unfortunately we didn’t get that option considering we were on the dance floor the WHOLE TIME.  The music was house music but the atmosphere was soo much fun! The best part about the whole night was when it hit midnight, the rooftop opened up to show the night sky! Not only that but there are soo many entertainers that come on stage you just never know what You’ll get, OR SEE!  Like it was the most AMAZING Experience! This place is a must see! (Pic by Korvia)Those are my top places in Jeju that I spent 4 days doing. If you have any other places you love there, please comment below! Hope you enjoyed! 


Live. Laugh. Love


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