9 Rules to a Travelers Life

The Most important thing while traveling is to ENJOY LIFE, we ALL KNOW THAT! but you also have to be an adult AND MAKE ADULT DECISIONS. Here are 9 rules you should think about while preparing for your next trip. 

Rule #1. Have a good circle of friends!

Who you hang around is really a reflection of who you are. Ask yourself, are your friends caring, supportive, happy, and positive? Do they enjoy life? If not just three words…….

cut them off!!!

Rule #2. Manage your credit!

Are you paying your bills on time or are your traveling expenses racking up?? Manage your spending limits and look for deals! No point in traveling if you’re going to end up at a debt collection. 

Rule #3. Stay ahead of the game! 

Are you working to make ends meet or are you working to excel in getting that promotion? When you’re not traveling make sure you’re being active and productive in the workplace. Who knows, you might end up with more travel money added to your account! 

Rule #4 Have a Goals list!

Where do you want your next place to visit? Do you have a list of things to accomplish and are you doing things to accomplish them? Have you made a plan? Whether it’s applying to school, buying a house, or traveling the world, make sure to write it all down. 

Rule #5. Have support!

Does your significant other support your traveling or are they always nagging you to “chill” or “relax”. Whichever one it is, make sure they are not holding you back from a world full of adventure! Heck, bring them along if possible! 💑 

Rule #6. Set up your future! 

Before you seek out new places to go and spend money on something else, make sure you are paying yourself first! Set up your future finances so when you do retire, the money is already there for you to spend a year on the beach sipping margaritas!

Rule #7. Have money available! 

Are you balancing bills while still making time for personal expenses? Managing your money smart and setting budgets is definitely a way to go before planning your next trip! Set aside funds for traveling but also for bills around the house such as Grocery shopping, car note, and savings account. Yeah it’s okay to party and have fun but are you spending your last? Can you afford it?

Rule #8. Traveling local!

No one is saying you have to go across the world every month. Have you even seen the city you live in? Everything doesn’t cost money.

Go to a wine tasting, local parks, paint night, museum, or a jazz club. Whatever you are into, just make sure to get out and see what’s out there. Last but not least,

Rule#9. Know your Drink!! 

By the age of 25 you should know what sparks your taste buds! Have that drink that if you go to a bar and someone offers to buy you a drink, you already have it on lock and can say it with confidence. you’re too old to be saying just give me whatever. (And dangerous how do you know what it’s suppose to taste like)Hope you enjoyed!

                Live. Love. Laugh.


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