Find the Beauty Within!

To my Queens and Kings! Thank you all for taking a second to read about the awesomeness that is going on in my life! The year of 2016 was one for the BOOKS! I took a few bumps and bruises through these hard times but with Christ by myside, I managed to push through and overcome. That’s when I decided to start this journey of………..



Not only was it a platform for me to get on my feet and start living again, but it was the start of me getting to know myself and what it’s like to just live for me! My platform represents of course me turning 25 in 2016, but being in the military and getting stationed in South Korea, it’s my platform to travel to 25 different places within the year! If you don’t already have a platform for yourself, I encourage you to make one! Find something that you want to accomplish whether its loving yourself, finding a new hobby, or traveling the world! Find a Platform and stick to it. Can’t wait to hear your platform!



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